Zuntez Apparel’s pledge is to minimize our footprint on the environment thru sustainable engineering and bringing back best traditional practices. Therefore, currently 35% of the polyester used in our garments come from Repreve yarns from Unifi and growing yearly. Other sustaible fibers found within our collection unclude Coco-Tex and Rayon. Thru our division of NATURADYE, we have designed a process utilizing natural dye stuffs such as cholorophyllin, indigo, cochineals, Aztec Marigold to garment dye your garment in almost any content mix that utilizes less water and without any harmful dye stuffs or chemicals in the technique.

Natural dyes we now take their knowledge and experience to apply in a more industrial method but keeping true to the roots of sustainability and being environmentally friendly, this is the task that we at ZUNTEX APPAREL have taken upon ourselves in the past year and we are now proud to announce that we have achieved our goal and are ready t offer finished garments dyed with natural dyes that ensure that we minimizing our footprint on our environment while achieving a vintage look, feel and overall garment that any brand would be proud their name on.

As we see our world change, we have to change hand in hand in order to take care of our environment, and part of that is the development of new fabrics made of recycled materials . One of this developments is the use of plastic bottles to creat fibers that are sustainable and enviromentally friendly. Once this fibers are done you can creat a bunch of diferent textiles. 

Using Repreve fibers:

 -Generates enough water to power 133k homes for 1 year.                                                                                                           -Provides 1.7 million people their typical daily drinking water for 1 year.                                                                                     -Improves air quality by avoiding 385 million kgs. of CO2 emissions.